Make your next corporate event even more enjoyable with the addition of caricature entertainment!


We offer caricature entertainment for any corporate event including the following;

Appreciation Events
If you are holding an appreciation event to recognise employees’ achievements, we can draw caricatures to entertain throughout the event! It’s a great way to incorporate some light-hearted fun to your evening.

Christmas Parties
Would you like something different at this year’s Christmas party? Why not make the event even more special by letting us entertain you and your party guests by drawing fun caricatures.

Product Launches
If you are organising a new product launch and would love something a little bit different to entertain your guests, why not hire us to draw caricatures! We can include company logos and even provide body situations in all kinds of poses from superheroes, motorcycles, cars and catwalks!

Business Dinners
Everybody loves a business dinner! But why not make it even more fun, by dragging us along! We can draw caricatures of your guests on a large flip-chart easel so everyone can see the faces unfold from the comfort of their own seats.

Break up the next conference, by hiring us to fill in those awkward lulls! We can walk around the tables and capture your guests faces in caricature form!

Team Building Exercises / Days
Would you like a unique idea for your next team building event? Why not hire us to provide caricature training to your employees! This exercise / day can break the ice with your team members while providing some good old-fashioned fun! Please click here to find out more!

Charity Events
If you are holding a charity event and like the idea of having caricaturists at your function - please contact us to discuss details!