Attract more customers to your stand at your next trade fair with live caricatures!

Digital live caricatures are a great way to get potential customers and clients to your stand. With caricatures being shown on a large screen, the entertainment can be seen from a distance and will get a crowd to your stand!




Setting Up
The set-up process is very simple and won’t take long to complete. We will arrive at your stand equipped with two big screen monitors, iPads and easels and chairs. We will then link the iPad to mirror onto each big screen and we are then nearly ready to draw!

How will this attract potential customers and clients?
When we begin drawing (usually your staff will be the first to be drawn), our caricatures will be mirrored from the iPads to the big screen monitors so spectators can see the picture unfolding. This always causes a great deal of intrigue and gets people over to the stand to see what is happening. While on your stand they will be able to take more notice of your brand, and if they are being drawn, will get to keep the caricature drawing which will have your logo and contact details. This makes it a great marketing tool, too.

What if we don’t have room for monitors on our stand?
If you don’t have room on your stand for us to set up digitally, we can always offer traditional caricatures, where we draw the caricatures on paper printed with your logo and details instead. You can always choose this option if you prefer the look and style of traditional, even if you do have room!